On Earth Day 2020, Commit Your Family to Take Action

Happy Earth Day! Today, EarthDay.org marks its 50th anniversary of educating and inspiring people worldwide to take proactive steps and make sustainable changes to protect our planet. This year’s theme of “climate action” highlights not only the challenges, but also the opportunities to take action on the vital issue facing each and every living creature on Earth—climate change.

As parents and educators, we at Baby Ventures™ strongly believe in the importance of teaching children early on about our inter-connectedness with all living things, and in doing so, helping raise a new global generation of eco-literate, sustainably-minded kids. Continue reading On Earth Day 2020, Commit Your Family to Take Action

Springtime, Social Distancing, and Sticking Together in 2020

It’s already been quite a year for everyone around the globe in the wake of Coronavirus. Here at Baby Ventures ™, we rang in 2020 (which now feels like years ago) with much excitement and creative energy as we worked on our fourth title. We relished in our staple kid-friendly adventures around Washington, DC – including a visit to the Kennedy Center’s Lunar New Year Celebration back in February. And as the first weeks and months of 2020 unfolded, we keenly looked forward to spring and all the joy it represents for our Baby Ventures family: Iranian New Year (“Norooz”), the iconic cherry blossoms adorning our capital city, and the bustling season of story times and other in-person author events at indie bookstores, public libraries, and fairs throughout our region.

Norooz Decorations

Continue reading Springtime, Social Distancing, and Sticking Together in 2020

How to Decorate a Safari-Themed Nursery

Cultivate a love of creatures early on in your little ones from the comfort of your own home. Create a safari-themed nursery with all the amazing animals that call East Africa home and each day can be a new adventure in learning and exploration! Continue reading How to Decorate a Safari-Themed Nursery

It’s Earth Day!

Today (and every day) is Earth Day! Do your part to keep our planet healthy, and teach your little ones early on to help by making it into a daily adventure! From recycling and composting to joining conservation efforts (save the bees!), being earth-friendly is a must to keep our world a wonder-filled place for all.