Pre-Order The ABCs of Washington, DC!

We’re thrilled to announce that our first Baby Ventures book, The ABCs of Washington, DC, will be available in June 2016!

The ABCs of Washington, DC brings to life the Nation’s capital with a cheerful and distinctly native take on the letters D, J, and R, to name a few. Pre-order your copy today and be among the first to take your little one on a literary tour of this landmark city!

Illustrator’s Corner: India Inspiration

Illustrator Lisa Hall’s inspiration for Baby Ventures books comes from her own adventures living and traveling across six continents. One experience in particular has deeply influenced her artistic style: her 2005 trip to India.

“It is said that India is a feast for the senses. And it’s true! Nowhere else have I been so overwhelmed by such breath-taking colors. From groups of women in bright saris, to markets overflowing with flowers, I was struck by awe-inspiring color around every corner. Even elephants’ trunks were painted with gorgeous designs! Images of such rich and vibrant colors have greatly influenced my art and help bring the pages of every Baby Ventures book to life.”

Check out Lisa’s India art, featured in the Baby Ventures Animals of the World book and canvas art.

Meet the Adventurers!

Our adventure girls love to travel and make a special appearance in every book! Both parents and kids will love spotting them as they pop up in the French countryside, on safari, touring our nation’s capital, and more.

Stay tuned for fun activities and contests, including choosing their next destination, coming soon!


At Baby Ventures, we believe that exploration and adventure are the cornerstones of a thriving childhood. We hope you visit us often and share in our communal conversation on the importance of expanding a youngster’s worldview from day one!

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