Becoming Ecoliterate in Our Daily Lives

At Baby Ventures™, we strongly believe in the importance of teaching children early on about our interconnectedness with all living things, and raising a new generation of ecoliterate, sustainably-minded kids. In order to do so, we must set the example in our own homes and be the change we want to see.

So how does Baby Ventures co-founder Lisa Hall incorporate sustainable living in her own daily life?  Read about the changes Lisa has made – and what she pledges to do for the rest of 2020 – to increase her ecoliteracy!

“I always considered myself to be a decent steward of the planet. While I certainly don’t live off the grid, I thought of myself as environmentally-minded and not a wasteful person. But over the past year, I’ve read and researched and a lot about the state of our planet and what actions individuals must take now (including research for…an upcoming Baby Ventures title!).  I took a hard look at my own actions and realized they were no where good enough. So I’ve taken steps to do better, and plan to do more. Here are 10 things I have done to reduce my carbon footprint and what I pledge to do before the end of the year:

10 steps I took to reduce my carbon footprint:

  1. Started composting (I’ve been amazed how much less waste I now send to the landfill!).
  2. Said “no” to plastic bottles, bags and straws.
  3. Began bringing reusable bags when shopping (at all stores, not just the grocery store).
  4. Purchased fewer packaged items at the grocery store and opted for bulk more often.
  5. Switched to earth-friendly dog waste bags.
  6. Contacted companies who send junk mail to be taken off their list to reduce paper waste.
  7. Spent less time commuting and increased working from home (a small silver lining of Covid-19).
  8. Planted three trees in my yard.
  9. Continued to be mostly vegetarian (I don’t purchase or cook meat and only eat it on  rare occasions).
  10. Became more conscious about using less water when washing dishes, washing hands, taking showers, etc.

5 things I pledge to do this year:

  1. Purchase a rain barrel to collect rainwater for use in my yard.
  2. Increase the amount of produce I purchase from local farmers markets.
  3. Contact my local waste management agency to make sure I am recycling correctly and nothing is being wasted.
  4. Use my voice – contact government officials to voice my support for environmentally-friendly legislation.
  5. Support a non-profit organization doing important environmental work.

Change begins with each of us, at home. And we must be the example today for what we want future generations to be tomorrow: stewards of our beautiful planet.”

For discussion topic ideas and actionable items to take at home and in your neighborhood, download our Eco-Friendly Activities Guide & Checklist.

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