On Earth Day 2020, Commit Your Family to Take Action

Happy Earth Day! Today, EarthDay.org marks its 50th anniversary of educating and inspiring people worldwide to take proactive steps and make sustainable changes to protect our planet. This year’s theme of “climate action” highlights not only the challenges, but also the opportunities to take action on the vital issue facing each and every living creature on Earth—climate change.

As parents and educators, we at Baby Ventures™ strongly believe in the importance of teaching children early on about our inter-connectedness with all living things, and in doing so, helping raise a new global generation of eco-literate, sustainably-minded kids.

As many of us around the world are at home practicing social distancing and homeschooling, this spring marks the perfect opportunity to include eco-literacy learning in family discussions and activities, and to firmly plant (pun intended) more environmentally-friendly routines into our daily lives. Human actions (and inaction) have resulted in the onset of climate change. Let’s commit to taking altogether different actions, no matter how small, that will help protect the one and only planet we all call home.

Looking for ways to get started? Download this Baby Ventures Activities Guide & Checklist for discussion topic ideas and actionable items to take at home and in your neighborhood (please be sure to adhere to all social distancing guidelines for any outdoor activities).



Over the coming months, Baby Ventures co-founders Golzar and Lisa will share eco-friendly actions they have incorporated into their daily lives in past years, as well as pledges for actions they will take in 2020 – stay tuned!

We’d also love to feature your family’s pledge for 2020 across our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds – just take a pic of your completed Activities Guide and Checklist and send it to us (and include your handle if you’d like us to tag you). All participating families will be featured!

Join us in taking the pledge to take action on behalf of our one and only planet. When it comes to tackling climate change, we are all in this together, today and every day.

Happy Earth Day!

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