We Love our Customers: Meet Anne Weinheimer of @TwistedFleece!

Today is #gettoknowyourcustomersday! And we couldn’t be happier to spotlight one of our dearest and earliest customers, Mrs. Anne Weinheimer, who’s behind the beautiful handmade knits from @twistedfleece on Instagram! Anne kindly agreed to share a bit about herself as a knitter and spinner extraordinaire, her special bond to Washington, DC, and her lifelong love of reading. We couldn’t agree with you more, Anne – there can be no better gift than a good book, and we’re honored you feel that way about ours! 

Enjoy Anne’s inspirational story (#retirementgoals!), and make sure to check out more of her story and her one of a kind creations on Instagram (@twistedfleece):

I’m Anne and here’s a picture of my world—knitting, books, and coffee! I’m a knitter and a spinner. I also dye yarn and spinning fiber. My husband is a weaver and we have a small business selling our hand-dyed and handwoven creations. Perhaps even more than fiber, we love books and love to share books! We started reading to our (now grown) children as soon as they were born and they are lifelong book lovers. We lived in Washington, DC in the 1970’s and our children live there now. When I discovered The ABCs of Washington, DC from Baby Ventures, I was so excited! It’s a wonderful book and has become the special gift (accompanied by something hand knit, of course!) for every baby in our lives, introducing them to books and a special city, all in one! Now that ¡Números, Baby! is out, it’s my “go to” gift for a first birthday. There can be no better gift than a good book!

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