Exploring the Inspiration Behind ¡Numeros, Baby! – Part I

At Baby Ventures™, we’re big believers in teaching little ones new languages early on, to help their brains develop and their worldviews expand! Our newest board book was created with just that in mind (excuse the pun): ¡Números, Baby! is a bilingual Spanish-English counting primer perfect for introducing little ones to uno a diez. Inspired by the authors’ own travels to Latin America and Spain, youngsters learn to count while also exploring the unique beauty and diversity of Spanish-speaking locales throughout the world.

In this two-part blog series, co-authors and illustrator Lisa Hall and Golzar Kheiltash share their personal inspiration that brought ¡Números, Baby! to life.

PART I: Co-author/illustrator Lisa Hall follows the Lines

After years of dreaming of exploring Latin America, I took a 6-month sabbatical in 2003 to travel by myself throughout this incredible part of our world. With my backpack and journal in tow, I was soon immersed in the singular beauty of the diverse communities, cultures, and landscapes spanning from Mexico to Argentina. One wondrous place I will never forget experiencing was in Peru: the ancient Nazca Lines.


Located in southern Peru about 400km from the capital, Lima, these mysterious lines are giant geoglyphs (images etched into the ground) believed to have been created 2,000 years ago by the Nazca people. How did they create these stunning geoglyphs? Experts think by simply removing the top layer of earth and rock, revealing the lighter colored soil just underneath. The Lines depict bold images of animals, plants and geometric shapes, and are best viewed from higher ground (or from an airplane), as some shapes are hundreds of meters long! Why the ancient Nazca people created the Lines remains a mystery, with theories ranging from a complex irrigation system to part of a ritual to bring rain to this dry area. When I visited the Nazca Lines, I was not only amazed by the scale of these images, but also by how these shallow lines have survived intact for so many centuries (largely due to the arid and windless area where they are located).
Fittingly designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Nazca Lines are a striking geographical feature unique to Peru. I hope little ones enjoy discovering some of the amazing features of the Nazca Lines in ¡Numeros, Baby! as they learn to count in Spanish. ¿Cuál es su figura favorita de las Líneas de Nazca?
Stay tuned for Part II of the inspiration behind ¡Numeros, Baby! by co-author Golzar Kheiltash!

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