At Children’s National Hospital in DC, Medicine comes with Magic

By Golzar Kheiltash, Co-Author

My friend, a hardworking and always smiling young woman, has had a pacemaker since she was a baby. Now in her twenties, she’s a dedicated nursing student with an ambitious goal upon graduation: to work in Pediatric Cardiology, at the same hospital that has been caring for her own heart condition since infancy: Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC.

This past Tuesday, Lisa and I formed our own bond with Children’s National – we had the honor of hosting a very special Storybook Magic event at the hospital’s state of the art Seacrest Studios (one of only ten such studios in hospitals throughout the country).


Our incandescent host, Morgan, and her seasoned team broadcast us live to patients’ rooms throughout the hospital as we read our ABCs of Washington, DC board book.


Patients and families could call in with questions (or answers to our DC trivia) during our read-aloud, thanks to the studio’s inclusive technology. We heard an impromptu audio clip of helicopter sounds when we got to the letter H, and little ones who dropped in to the studio were promptly welcomed to sit at their own mics and join in the merriment! Together we sang, stretched the Seventh Inning Stretch (National Pastime), spotted landmarks, and learned some Latin (Quadrants). Lisa and I also shared our personal connection to the letter E (Eastern Market) as we all made our way through the A to Z of Washington, DC.  


Storybook Magic at Children’s was just that – a magical, moving experience, and one we hope the children watching enjoyed as thoroughly as Lisa and I did. What an honor to take part in one of the many enriching initiatives that Children’s National offers every child in its care, every day. And for patients who missed our event: the lovely Lyn, head of the hospital’s Family Library, has copies of our books for you to check out anytime. Happy reading and exploring DC, little ones!

Did you Know?

Located in Washington, DC, Children’s National provides medical care to all children, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. In addition to award-winning medical care, the hospital’s Healing Garden offers patients and families a quiet place for reading and respite, the Family Library provides a wide range of engaging reads and a book cart delivery to patients’ bedsides, and Seacrest Studios hosts interactive Storybook Magic events and much more. We hope you’ll join us in supporting Children’s National Hospital. Donations of any size help ensure this invaluable institution continues to be available for all children in need of medical care.


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