Where in the World Wednesday: October Contest Winner

Our October Where in the World Wednesday series, highlighting Baby Ventures founders’ real life adventures in diverse locales, showed illustrator Lisa Hall in front of the stunning Taj Mahal. In what Indian city is it located? Agra!

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Taj Mahal is a white marble mausoleum that took approximately 20 years to build. In 2005, Lisa visited this awe-inspiring attraction during her backpacking trip around Northern India. She reminisced, “While I had seen many photos of the Taj Mahal, what absolutely took my breath away was the intricate detail work throughout the building. Inlaid in the marble are the most beautiful patterns of colored gemstones (including jade and turquoise), unlike anything I have ever seen.” Want to learn more? Here are some facts!

And we are excited to announce our contest winner: Brad Wilson of Washington, DC correctly guessed Agra and is our lucky winner! Brad will be receiving a free copy of Baby Ventures ABCs of Washington, DC board book. Congratulations Brad!

Stay tuned for our next Where in the World Wednesday contest, coming November 2nd. This will be our final contest for 2016 so be sure to enter while you still can!

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