Hold on, Fall – It’s Still Summer’s Turn!

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end – it seems like just yesterday that we kicked off the season with our little ones, summer bucket lists in tow and eager to check off beach days, camping trips, and all the ice cream we can eat. Now school is starting, and Halloween feels like it’s around the corner (or so we’re told upon entering every retail store these days).

But before rushing into fall, we want to take stock of the season we’re still in – summertime is such a magical part of childhood, and we’re loathe to short-change our little ones even one day of it. Sure it’s often sticky, icky, and hot, but those aren’t the things you remember as a child. Whether it’s an impromptu beach adventure or just a lazy afternoon with the whir of the A/C and a cold treat from Grandma, the freedom a youngster feels to get lost in the moment is what makes summertime unlike any other time of the year.

So put down the back-to-school to do list. Resist the pumpkin patch search. And forget about Halloween costumes…there’s more than enough time for fall’s many adventures! In these last few weeks of summer, all our tots really need is to be in the sun-kissed moment for just a little bit longer. We know we have to say goodbye to summer soon…we just want our “five-minute” warning before we do! So here’s to this last bit of summer, and to teaching our children (and ourselves!) to linger in the moment.

What was on your family summer bucket list this year? Share a story and pic with us for the chance to be featured on our sites!

3 thoughts on “Hold on, Fall – It’s Still Summer’s Turn!

  1. Not a child but as an adult my most favorite season–no schedule with meetings, etc. Just relish the laid back days & evenings!


  2. Definitely my most favorite season–not just when I was a child but as an adult. Can be laid back day & evening. Fun to watch the flowers grow throughout the summer. Just hearing the mowers is a sign summer is here!


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